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The PROFX Video Projector with 9+ FX Files

Introducing the PRO-FX Video Projector Kit, which is a Joint Venture of Morris Costumes and Jon Hyers [aka JonHyersVisualEffects]. Morris Costumes, a leader in Halloween, Christmas and Holiday Costumes is the distributor for Jon Hyers DVDs, carrying 14 Titles, which are available for retailer-purchase to any Store or On-line store who is a Morris authorized reseller. Morris and Hyers worked together to come up with a Small, yet Quality Video projector for doing a wide range of Visual Effects for Holiday Window decor. This 1500 Lumen projector includes 9 FX files, in HD MPEG4 format on a USB drive. At 1500 lumens this projector is unusually bright for it's very small size, allowing many FX situation including in the early evening or when ambient street and city lights are present. This projector is also available from any Morris Costumes authorized reseller.

This Projector can be purchased from the SHOP here on my site. Note that the USB DRIVE comes with multiple holiday scenes. It's not customized with Christmas Only, but we WILL be selling a sampler download pack of files, which will appear ON THIS PAGE, right below when completed.    Projector is $190.00 plus shipping.

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