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Purchasing Information: updated 2023

Quick Points, with details at the bottom:

1. We will drop ship if you don't want to buy stock, and if your store has been in business for at least 10 years, we can invoice you for drop ships, a few times a year. So you need only forward an order to us, and we will ship it. SIMPLE!!!

2. If you do buy stock, our minimum quantity is 1 item, which makes our company very easy to deal with.

3. If you want to purchase stock from our Primary Distributor Morris Costumes-
Oriental Trading Company you may certainly do so if you have an account, if not it is FAR FAR EASIER to deal with us/me Jon Hyers, I am VERY easy to work with.  

4. Wholesale Prices: DVDs are $12.00, USB versions are $15.00, the Profx Projector is $135.00  Minimum Quantity for wholesale orders is ONE ITEM. 

5. We suggest selling these items ONLINE for sure. If you did an instore display I can personally assist with its design, and in some instances WILL BUILD IT FOR YOU - if you pay shipping to your retail store.....

Images and demos of the Best Selling Products. We currently offer both DVD and USB Flash Drive versions because "today's" world has people using DVDs and Players which are in abundance, as well as the much newer USB Flash Drives [players and projectors] which are far fewer in numbers. The Red Arrow symbol lets you see our demonstration youtube. NOTE: Our youtubes are meant to be used on your online store [as you see here], in order to show YOUR customers the details of each item. These youtubes go into great detail about both the content that comes in each product, as well as a number of usage ideas for that specific item...ranging from Windows, Rear Screen, Black Scrim outside, Peppers Ghost reflector, Ground FX....

Packaging: Typically products are packaged as shown below. Some are in fact packaged in Black and White, the reason for that is to apply more funds to New Videos, not color printing. Larger Retail Orders can be requested in COLOR. 

MOST of the images you see are the DVD Cover/ USB Flash Cover opened up flat, showing the front and back sides. Th
e GOLD Star symbol [placed somewhere on a product] indicates a Big Seller Item. Note that the Newest Items however have just been released, and have no sales history to report. 


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