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Purchasing Information

Retailers and Web Stores, purchasing inventory is done at this time, by calling me, Jon Hyers, and placing the order by phone, or by sending a Paypal payment, or Company Check.  Most store owners want to have an in-person conversation before buying something new. You can also simply send a PayPal payment with the total number of DVDS requested, the quantity of each title, and it is simply $11.00 per DVD. 5 DVDs = $55.00, 10 DVDs is $110.00, shipping is included, account is my email,         651-704-0545


You can mix and  match, any quantity of individual DVD titles. You may order 5 DVDS, and have 1-each, of 5 different titles. ALL DVDS are the same price.

DOWNLOADS: You can offer Digital Downloads, and we highly recommend you begin doing this ASAP. Physical Media, DVDs, are obsolete and WILL NOT be made for much longer. For details on technically "HOW?" you offer downloads please contact Jon Hyers. It's already set up for some webstores.


WEB SITE STORES: Jon Hyers is 100% willing to Drop-Ship orders for you, if you would like to try Virtual Decorations, without buying any stock. Simply communicate with me, by email, and I can send you the necessary information and images to place on your website.  All you need to do is forward any customers name and address to me, IN THE PAYPAL MEMO, with a payment of $10+6.00 Priority Mail postage and Insurance, $16.00 and the order will be shipped out for you, no stock purchases are necessary. 


This lets you become part of the Virtual Decoration Scene, without spending any money on stock. You can always let your customers buy these somewhere else, but what store owner wants to send customers away?? Right.  I look foward to hearing from you.  JON HYERS, Creator of Virtual Effects, circa 1997


The Jon Hyers Story - History - Professional Resume


If you would like to find out how I got started, and get some information on my background, this 5 page document will give you enough information to believe with 100% confidence, I've been doing Film, Video and Effects for decades. This document contains only 5% of my Film and Video career, which started officially in 1975. I've made Movies in England, worked for CRAY Supercomputers, and was a preferred Video Production Vendor for 3M [as in Scotch Tape], and produced over 1000 Corporate Films and Live Event Videos.  I hold patents on Moving Camera Greenscreen, and 3D Video Effects. 


You can BUY with CONFIDENCE from a real person, a real company someone who will treat you with care, concern and dignity and a great deal of Interest in Our Conversation.

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