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Scrooge in Graveyard, Snowman Face, Bad Santa,

Black Virtual Santa, Virtual Santa Premium,  Workshop

These three videos to the left:

Scrooge in Graveyard

Snowman Face[s]

Virtual Bad Santa

will be available sometime around dec 11th, and will "appear" with downloads as each gets loaded up between dec 5 - 11, 2020. They were a last minute idea.... 

Black Santa, Virtual Santa Premium and Santa's Workshop are available now....

BlackSantacover3 copy.jpg

Virtual Black Santa

gives African American

customers a Santa who

they can identify with. 

Santa Larry Jefferson has a very good acting performance with Real Style! Quite enjoyable.

Purchase Digital Files for download here or buy the DVD in the shop


Virtual Santa in HD Premium

Virtual Santa has been refilmed in HD and is available as downloadable MPEG4 files. Digital Files can be played back on the modern Digital Projectors and USB video players. You download the files to your computer, copy to USB and play the files back. This product is also available as a DVD still common today, and as a CUSTOM made USB thumb drive. Look in the shop for those items, downloads are found on this page to the right of

the Virtual Santa Premium demo video. 

Virtual Santa HD is  $27.00 for DVD

and $35.00 for USB Thumb Drive purchasable in the SHOP, click the shop button on the top of this website. All DVD products and projectors are there.

Download version is $19.09, and can be ordered for direct download by clicking the buy button. You may buy other FX

at one time as download by returning to this site to buy more.

DVD and USB purchases are separate from Download purchases. Due to TECHNICAL reasons I can't control. 


Virtual Santa in HD - 2016


As a digital file, save money, and get the video FX within a few hours. This item comes in HD quality H264 files, the most common digital file types. You may need to get a Media Player for your computer - or a new one, which we MUST leave to you, to contact your local computer store, or service place to get.  When you order, a link will come to your email, which you click to access files on

Buy Virtual Santa

Premium $19.09



A supreme Visual Effects series for blowing away your neighbors, winning decoration contests and just having a wonderful high end Display Video.

30 Plus Scenes for making a great Santa's Workshop effect in large windows, garage doors etc. DVD is $27.00 and USB drive is $35.00 in the shop, buy Digital Files below Mpeg4 $25.09

Digital Files $25.09

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