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This is the BOX you can use to easily play back Digital Download Files. You plug a USB into your computer to transfer video files to, then take the USB and hook it up to the SPRITE, attach that to your Video Projector into the Video Input or HDMI input - and this small box, takes the place of your computer or DVD player. The factory description follows:


The Sprite, introduced at the HAA Show 2016, is a low cost High Definition media player that plays HD video up to full 1080p with HDMI output. Looping play begins when power is applied. It plays most high definition file types including mpeg, H.264 and WMV9 from a SD memory card or USB drive. It can be used as an audio repeater playing MP3 or WAV files. It has a 2-way serial communications port at 3v3 or 5v TTL level to work with external control devices to play multiple files on command. The Sprite gives feedback reports every half second telling the file playing, and also reports the end of file mark. It has a single direct pushbutton input that can trigger on contacts or High or Low level change. There is no black space when looping or changing files. It has a 5V DC output to power a motion sensor or other small load.

Outputs are HDMI and Composite, Stereo audio on HDMI or 3.5mm jack

If you have any setup or usage questions, you can Email for help with this device.

SPRITE Digital Video Player

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