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on Hyers' All Seasons Holiday Decoration DVD:


This DVD is our First to provide Window Decor for the entire year. It contains the following FX,
1. Valentines Hearts Animation
2. Dancing Leprechaun with Pot of Gold and Rainbow
3. Easter Bunny hopping along, and Basket of Candy appearing
4. Virtual Pope waving with Glowing Stain Glass windows behind
5. Waving American Flag
6. President Washington Image
7. Happy Birthday Cake Image
8. Happy Birthday with Grim Reaper Scene [1 and 2]
9. Happy Mother's Day Text image
10. Happy Father's Day Text image
12. Fireworks Display
13. Halloween Rat and Spiders [previously unreleased]
14. Turkey inside Thanksgiving Border
15. Santa Claus face inside Wreath [previously unreleased]
16. Candles and Christmas Balls Decor [previously unreleased]
17. Jewish 9 Candle Menorah
18. Tooth Fairy leaving coins

Bonus: April Fools Day Scene, we are NOT stating what this scene will be, and we expect to eventually make a full April Fools Projections by itself with a bunch of different scenes. Our reason for not listing it, is to avoid "Telling the Secret" of what the joke is, because if we do that, then it's no longer a joke. So the bonus April Fools FX is yours to use if you desire.

At this time I have not produced a youtube demo, coming at some point in the future. However for the majority of customers, very familiar with Jon Hyer's 40 years of Film, Video and FX work, you can rest assured the video will be quite enjoyable.

Although there are more than 30 different Holidays depending upon who you ask, this collection covers a lot of them, leaving out any which might either be considered "controversial", or simply difficult or impossible to do accurately, in order to please "everyone's personal imagination" of what would be done for any of the holidays not represented in this collection. [Folks believe me!!! in the USA which is always a 50-50 divided group of people, on any and ALL issues, It's extremely easy to create a Video Effect, or even Movie, Book, TV Show, or website, which either pleases or upsets a great majority of people. Therefore we decided to leave this collection to contain mostly Happy and Humorous Scenes, and in doing so…answer the 20+ Year Customer Calls for more fx besides Halloween and Christmas, JON HYERS

All Seasons Virtual Holidays DVD

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